Thursday 21 January 2016

Blog Hop Tour - A Letter To Your Younger Self

My writerly pals and I would like to share an open letter to a younger self.

So what would I tell a younger me, hmmmm…. Where do I start! I still feel like I am growing as a person but I am pretty clued up with where my life is heading now and there is a tonne of stuff I wish I knew back then! So here goes, come here my little mini me, let me enlighten you he he

Dear little Nean,

Well, what can I say….what a colourful little life you will lead! Your life will not be boring that’s for sure. You will do some amazing things and meet some great people who open your eyes to a different way of thinking. As each year passes you will gain more wisdom and knowledge, all of which will assist you in helping others. People will fascinate you and are key to your journey, and you will find that you attract a variety of people into your life with  different cultures and backgrounds, and they will all inspire you in their own little way. The child within you will never disappear, and as a result you will live your life to the fullest, enjoying every experience that is thrown your way. Laughter will be a big part of your life, and will get you through some tough times.

So what can I pass down to you….The biggest thing by far is, you must listen to your heart! You will always have a battle between heart and head but I tell you now, your heart knows so much more than you give her credit for. By following your heart you will have such a fulfilling and fun packed life. There will be times when that head of yours shouts to be heard or other people do the shouting for you, but you just have to trust your gut instinct and ignore the ‘rational’  thinking at times. It won’t always be easy and by living this way you will make mistakes, but these mistakes are key learning points. Never, ever look at a bad experience as a negative thing, these times are what makes you stronger, and what makes you grow. Things will scare you.. A LOT! But you are a tough cookie and love a challenge, so you will push yourself to do these things, because you know it will make you grow in confidence. You will always enjoy the experience, so never ever not do something because you are scared.

Your life will be abundant with highs but there will be lows…. and they aren’t great. There will be loss, heartaches, frustration, confusion and self loathing. This will be caused by a number of things, but no matter how lost or confused you feel about your life, trust that this stage is only temporary and that you need to go through the fog to get to the light.  When the time is ready it will all suddenly make sense and  you will realize that everything you have been doing is all part of your journey. You will look back one day and will be amazed by how mapped out everything has been. You will see signs throughout your life, do not shrug these off as coincidences, take note and keep following that heart of yours.

As a 38 year old woman I still have much growing to do but these guidelines have been key to my journey so far and I try my best to live my life by them.

Listen to your heart
Do not let others views cloud your judgement, only you will know what is the right thing to do. By all means listen to advice and take other peoples views on board, but at the end of the day let your heart make that final decision.

Learn to love yourself
You will have a lot of insecurities to deal with, but it is so key to learn to love yourself. Once this has been done you will find that everything is suddenly so much better  and you will find true inner peace. The older you get, the less you will care about how others view you and this is key to your development.

Learn to let go of negativity
Most of this is caused by you over thinking situations that don’t even exist. Yes there will be times when it is clear that there is an issue, but the best thing you can do is to let go of all these negative feelings. Learn to only focus on the good in people, ignore the niggly traits. You cannot change anyone so learn to love people for who they are and simply let go. If things do not improve then it is time to step back from these situations. Do not let others negativity get in the way of your happiness.

Stop worrying about the what ifs and the past, they do not exist. You cannot change anything that has been done nor can you predict the future so live for the now!

Love everyone with all of your heart
You have a big heart Nean and it confuses you at times, but just have faith in the fact that you are meant to love people. The need to help and care has a purpose for you and that will become clear later on in life. You have always known that a part of your jigsaw was missing  and it takes much self discovery to finally know what it is. When you do, you will feel complete.

Be Grateful
Be thankful everyday for all the good things in your life, you have so much to be thankful for, always remember that.

Work hard and never give up.
Keep working towards your goals no matter what life throws at you. Even if it is only a small step forward, all the baby steps will get you closer to where you want to go. Don’t ever give up and don’t stop loving what you do. As soon as the love goes away then it is time to rethink things and to step back. Take time out to take care of yourself and find the love again, when it has returned everything will flow perfectly.

Be kind to others
It is simple but so true, by making others happy it will make you happy.

Meditate and tap into energy healing!
A bit random but this will be the key to your self discovery and will give you that missing piece of the puzzle. I will go into more detail about this in next weeks blog. You have been warned ha ha.

Believe in yourself Nean, you know in your heart what you need to do, so keep following that path and the rest will take care of itself. Try not to get too frustrated, take one day at a time and have faith. Love every day of your life like it was your last, love life, love people, love nature and most importantly love you!


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  1. "Stop worrying about the what ifs and the past, they do not exist. You cannot change anything that has been done nor can you predict the future so live for the now!" What an awesome approach to life, along as well as the other insights you offer, Corrina! I so admire that positive spirit and sense of wonder in your Young Nean and today's YOU! Thanks for opening your heart!

    1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment Cat. We all felt quite vulnerable posting these but I have had so many beautiful messages from this and I am so touched with how people have related to it.

  2. Thanks for passing along wonderful gems of wisdom you've collected over the years. I am an overthinker by nature, so loved the advice to let go of negativity and stop worrying about all the what ifs. That's something I'm getting better at but still struggle with from time to time. Also enjoyed the advice to your younger self not to allow fear to stop you from challenges and new experiences. Great stuff! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you Julie, over thinking is a right pain in the behind and given me countless of sleepless nights. Clearing the mind with meditation has been the only effective thing I have found so far. It is probably one of the hardest things to control but it can be done :) If only I knew these things years ago he he

  3. Lovely! I'm so glad I'm not alone in my oh-so-similar thoughts! Perhaps the wisest thing you point out to your younger self is that those grim lows are only temporary. Certainly something that so many young people don't seem to see these days! Terrific! Great post!!

    1. Ah thanks Leigh, yep I knew you and I would have similar posts he he. I have thoroughly enjoyed this blog hop, all the nerves with posting was worth it ;) Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment

  4. I had some moments where I should've listened to my heart instead my head. I have a tendency to choose logic, or other people's opinions, over gut instinct. Your post is right on time. Such great advice!

  5. Great post, Corrina. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with such a generous spirit and infectious positivity.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Eiry. Glad you enjoyed this, it's been a fun hop.