Friday, 3 July 2015

Animania sponsors Critterish Allsorts

I have been itching to announce this and now I can, woohoo! Over the last month I have been liaising with Dale Preece Kelly, founder of Critterish Allsorts about this exciting little partnership.
I have always wanted to give a little back with my work and now that I am self publishing Animania it seemed like the ideal opportunity to do just that. 
I was introduced to Critterish Allsorts last year through Paul Cody (co Founder of Success Skunks). I was fascinated with the concept behind pet therapy , so I watched a tv documentary based on one of Dale’s visits to a nursing home to give me a better understanding of what he does. I was so touched to see the joy that his visit and the animals bought to these people, their faces literally lit up as soon as they held the animals, it was so lovely to watch. I have since been following his work and seen him go all around the country visiting the elderly and people with mental health issues not to mention the numerous school visits to educate children on the importance of animals. I think what he does and what his organizations stands for needs to be shared with as many people as possible so I wanted to help. I have decided to donate half of all e-book sales to Critterish Allsorts to help Dale continue to grow the business and reach as many people as possible.

To learn more about the organization and the powerful healing properties of pet therapy then contact via:

This is a video clip of the episode I watched...
I am planning to visit Dale this August, with my son Dylan at his soon to be Critterish Cottage, I will share our experience with you all. We are both very excited to be able to meet these 65 plus critters that he lives with and I thought this would be a perfect bonding experience for me and Dyls. He is going to high school in September so my baby boy is entering that next chapter of his life and turning into a little man, bring on those mood swings!

I am so pleased to be a part of this and I hope I am able to help, as they say every penny helps, so let’s hope Animania can pull a few in for them. 
Please show some support by following Dale’s work and you can now also purchase the e-book of Animania for $2.99 or £ 1.99 at:

Dale is also co founder along with Paul Cody of Success Skunks. Stoosh and Skittles the skunks are the mascots for this group and they interview people who Plant Passion in Kids for the Arts, Music, Writing, Science, Business, Sports & Life! I was honored to have been interviewed myself last year. You can read the interview here:
Another great group who’s aim is to educate and inspire children. You can follow success skunks at: Website Facebook Twitter

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