Thursday, 5 March 2015

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The wandering traveller has returned. I have had two blissful weeks on board the beautiful Sea Princess visiting the South Pacific Islands for my Mums big birthday celebrations. I have well and truly recharged my batteries and am all raring to go with Animania and Animal Stories For The Young volume 4. 

I had a lovely surprise before I left and received an email from the lovely  Cat Michaels to inform me that I had been nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger (VIB) Award. This award recognizes bloggers who work hard to keep the blogosphere a beautiful place.

Thanks so much Cat, I was so very touched to have been nominated and was a grin on legs when I saw the email. In addition to blogging, Cat is the author of Sweet T and The North Wind and Finding Fuzzy . She earned her master's degree in special education and has helped students with learning disabilities from kindergarten to college for more than two decades helping the students reach their true potential. She writes illustrated chapter books for young readers and the young at heart and is one of the administrators on Kid Literature Facebook Community


Very Inspiring Blogger Award

As part of the VIB tradition, I was asked to do two things: reveal seven things about myself and To pass the creative baton by nominating other bloggers who inspire me.

So seven things about yours truly….


I spent my childhood in Zambia (Southern Africa) until the age of 11. My childhood is something that will always be very dear to my heart and holds some of my happiest memories. It was such a liberating way of growing up, no trends and peer pressure to worry about. We had the very basics yet lived such a full life. My fondest memories are sitting up in the fruit trees munching away, running around barefoot and going to the numerous bbq gatherings and social events that my Mum and Dad were invited to and held. So much fun!! 

I Was An Aboriginal artist 

Yep you read right he he. While travelling around Australia with my better half I did a spot of work as an aboriginal artist painting up their souvenirs. I was taught the meaning behind the symbols and the methods used to make the eye catching designs. I have a soft spot for this art and still dabble with some of the techniques to this day.

Horror Fan 

I am a massive horror fan, I absolutely love watching them , the grimmer and more twisted the better. I am a huge fan of Quentin Tanantino films and all of the Saw films. As you can imagine, I love love love Halloween!

The Supernatural 

When I was a teen I went through a phase of being fascinated with anything to do with the supernatural. I avidly read books on palmistry, tarot reading, astrology, graphology, the spirit world... the list is endless. The subject still fascinates me.


I have a weird fascination with trees. I just love them. Pretty much all of my landscape studies will feature a tree or several. Maybe it stems from my childhood where I used to be constantly up one stuffing my face.

Fussy Fruit Eater

Bit of a strange one but I am a very fussy fruit eater! If I do have them they have to be very unripe and crisp. There is only a small selection of fruit that I will actually eat. The thought of a mixed up fruit salad will actually turn my stomach as will any mushy fruit uuuurrrghh feel sick just thinking about it.

Unusual Pet 

We have a pet corn snake called Snakey ….original eh

Well that was fun. Next step my nominations....



The blogs that I would like to give the Very Inspired Blogger Award to are:

Author Sandra Mitchell of the Hedgerow Capers Series

Author and illustrator Patrick S Brooks

Illustrator Yvonne Gartside

Cartoonist Jon Esparza

Author Nelson Suit and founder of the Inkspokes Community

Author and poet Alastair Millen

Illustrator Steve Brown

Author Ron Shaw and DJ for The Artist First radio network

Artist Jeannie Vodden

Please visit these Very Inspired Bloggers and leave a 'like' and a comment. We love to interact with others out there and you are in for a treat with these selected pages.


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  1. Enjoyed reading this post! Such an interesting background and good to read through. Love the aboriginal art design - very creative and colourful. Also a big horror fan and fascinated in the supernatural (might've already guessed!). Will have to swap favourite horror movies sometime :) Thanks again for the nomination - will make sure I keep my blog up to date now!

  2. Thanks so much Patrick. I'm really pleased you enjoyed this and it comes as no surprise that you are a horror fan and like the freaky goings on in the big wide world. Really looking forward to seeing more of your posts as you have probably gathered I am a huge fan of your work! Can't wait to get my copy of Deathcat Sally when it's released!